We held a general meeting, this time online

On the evening of 18. 02..2021, due to the Covid outbreak, we gathered and discussed our things in an unconventional way on Zoom.

Our topics were the evaluation of the year 2020, the discussion of the 2021 plans, and then the questions, requests and ideas of membership.

This year’s plans include many exciting things, such as:

  • Participation in the Erasmus + ARTcoWORKers project as a Hungarian partner
  • Active participation in the organisation of the V. Barrier-free Tourism Day
  • Continuation of the “sticker” project 3, professional and IT development of the Barrier-free Pécs database
  • in case of the winning evaluation of our German application, the establishment of a community space and a centre for independent living
  • start own projects
  • the protection of interests during the Covid epidemic
  • search and write applications continuously, successful follow-up of winning applications
  • further coordinate the work of the 16 local disability NGOs involved in the writing of HEP 2018-2023 and support the implementation of their tasks
  • cultivating existing and new relationships with the University of Pécs, taking part in university courses, further reception of community servicers with secondary schools

The biggest interest within the association is in our  ARTcoWORKers (EN)  project and the development of our Barrier-free Pécs (EN) database.

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