First meeting of the organising committee – supporters welcome

On the Day of Hungarian Parasport on 22.02.2021, the organizing committee held its first meeting at the Medvehagyma House in Orfű. Online our volunteers had the opportunity to comment on last year’s evaluation and the basic ideas for this year’s event.

What is already certain: we are planning the 5th, – birthday – Barrier-free Tourism Day on 04.09.2021. on Saturday.

We would like to continue to hold a preparatory workshop so that we can adapt as much as possible to the needs of people with disabilities and those who offer the programme of the event.

We plan to work closely with as many partner organisations as possible, and we will also invite a patron to represent the festival.

However, we are looking forward to sponsors, as for the first time this year we do not see any application support for our niche and unique event! We are happy with ideas and help, let’s organize together!

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