Closing report: NFSZK FOF2019 – STICKER project 2.

The project entitled “Pécs without barrier” from 01.09. 2019 to 31.08. 2020 was a continuation of our “sticker ” project, which started in 2018 and explores the accessible locations of Pécs.

Although the Covid 19 outbreak had a strong impact on the project, it did not prevent it from being carried out. We were able to fully accomplish the basic objective of continuing to map important accessbile places from a residential and tourist point of view, marking the truly accessible sites with our own stickers, and the project were carried out by our disabled members who had already gained experience in this activity. The explored locations were organized into the own databases in Hungarian and English by category, published free of charge on our website in a menu (Barrier-free Pécs (EN) )   and promoted through the media throughout the country.

We have complemented our previous activities by exploring accessibility for the hearing impaired and visually impaired, and by presenting access to certain locations (bus, zebras, sidewalks, car parks).

Since social inclusion is still the fundamental goal, we have emphasized strongly this time that accessibility is important not only for people with disabilities, but also for people with strollers, the elderly, temporary injuries or for persons travelling with luggage!

We carried out very intensive and effective online marketing and press work, put up posters on frequented locations in Pécs, made video flashmob, built partnerships and conducted lobbying activities.

New accessible locations explored during the project: 6 restaurants/cafes, 7 shops, 5 sports and cultural institutions, 4 tourist attractions, 5 public institutions, 3 tourist trails. A total of 30 new locations.

Results: we have found that there is a huge demand for an accessible database, and the maintainers of the sites themselves are happy to participate. The press showed a great deal of interest in our work, as did other local and national NGOs, which brought the association a great deal of notion. A very important achievement is the development of a responsible, professional team, where members work very consciously with serious communication skills, learning the importance of team work, community activity and work. We are very pleased that we have also managed to establish a positive relationship with the municipality of Pécs and with the tourist offices, which we expect a lot from this in the future.

It is very important to us that an accessible database is only worth something if as many people as possible know it, and if we keep the data fresh all the time, so we will definitely continue the “sticker” project.

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