Newsletter: How’s “Sticker project 3.” going?

We regularly report on the project to our donators in a direct e-mail, and  to those interested in our Barrier-free Pécs database here on our web site.

In our first Newsletter we can report on:

  • the team was formed in December 2020. We have prepared an accurate action and funding plan
  • In January 2021 we held a consultation with Deputy Mayor Lajos Nyögéri. The main topic was cooperation on the Accessible Pécs database
  • we evaluated the 2020 Live Broadcast (“Élő Adás”) with the Pécs Community Foundation  in January, and in March we continued with how this year can be even more exciting, and what can we former participants help with?
  • experiencing the power of the community, we have become familiar with and participate in other community donation systems
  • we have received several requests for partnerships, which will bring a new color and new aspects to the database.
  • Thanks to our new member from the USA and our IT engineer Balázs Oláh, we are currently in the process of perfecting the database. This is very important for us, because professionalism is one of our basic expectations for ourselves.
  • In February 2014 we consulted with the Department of Economic Development at the Town Hall, where we decided on the cooperation that would benefit the citizens of Pécs in various forms in the future in the field of accessible urban development, tourism and city marketing.
  • we made short films with the team members showing “Why do I care about the sticker team?” It will be visible on Facebook soon.
  • we have revisited many locations, agreed, discussed and so far seen many positive changes in accessibility in the city. All this is displayed continuously in the database.
  • the supported printer/scanner is in constant work, thank you very much to BolkoDesign! We also hope to get the cameras on offer as soon as possible and take high-quality pictures of the locations. This is important because it lets everyone decide for himself, how can a location be accepted for them from an accessible point of view

That’s where we are now. Due to the 3rd wave of Covid, the country will be closed for two weeks, so now we are doing administrative/organizing work, but we will start again at the end of March.

We are planning our conference in Pécs for the summer with the national participants and decision-makers involved in the topic.

This year, in addition to updating the existing locations, we will also explore the accessibility of all hotels and accommodations in Pécs.

All this is done by team members for a minimum fee, but with maximum heart! We love this project and we will never stop 🙂

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We wish you a good spring, perseverance, good health!

Veronika Pataki, President

and the People First “sticker” team

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