ARTcoWORKers training in Macedonia

The international meeting of our ARTcoWORKers project was a special event this time, as we worked together with the future trainers on the evolving training curriculum.

We came from four countries to Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia, to work together very intensively for 5 days. Project managers and future trainers from Germany, North-Macedonia, Hungary and the Netherlands – including experts with disabilities – are developing a curriculum that aims to provide useful information to as many people as possible, and bring the two sectors closer together: people with disabilities and artists.

At the meeting in Skopje we discussed all seven modules: on the need for self-representation, creative education, the development of self-esteem, the independent living movement, the fundamental rights of people with disabilities, multiculturalism, assertive communication, conflict management, social inclusion and accessibility. And one module specifically discusses the techniques of shadow theatre, as we thought this was the art form of expression in which we could involve people with disabilities and artists in the most possible ways. 

The training provided a lot of lessons about each other, about ourselves, and even about two very special, sensitive target groups, whose cooperation will certainly bring specific but very useful results. 

In the meantime we got to know a little bit about the special world of North-Macedonia, the kind of cultural, historical, culinary and all kinds of mixing world that gives this Balkan charm to this country.

Thanks to our host Shadows and Clouds and all the participants for their great activity!
Next time we will meet in the Netherlands this summer, this time with the project managers. 

Read a little more about the ARTcoWORKers project here:
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