“Every new good solution raises new problems”. A summary of 2021

We worked a lot, we looked a lot of ways, we achieved a lot, we became very tired. Well, in short this is our year of 2021 🙂
Okay of course we’ll give you details, as a lot has happened to us that we would like to share with you very briefly.  

In 2021, according to the previous principles, our organisation’s main focus was on supporting the independent life of people with disabilities, with the biggest emphasis on physical accessibility and social acceptance.   

We wrote and submitted 13 applications for national and international grants , of which 6 were successful. We feel this is an excellent ratio.
As a new direction we
’ve turned to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and the pro bono support of companies, both of which we feel have made significant progress in Hungary, which could create a real win-win situation.  

We tried to make our activities as professional as possible, therefore we executed serious IT development, mostly on the Barrier-Free Pécs database.
We ourselves are also constantly learning, thus our presidency took part in various trainings, and we held further exercises
for our membership. The trainings had the topics of community organisation, strategic planning, accessibility, barrier-free and accessible tourism, informatics, easily understandable communication. Several courses also came with a certificate for our members.  

Furthermore, we continue to think in partnership, as the voices of people with disabilities can go much further and they can achieve much more in self-determination and social acceptance if we work with other organisations. We do this with local NGOs, the government of Pécs, national professional organisations and foreign partners.
Amongst our partners we can account local,
national and international professional NGOs, the local government, several faculties of the University of Pécs, the Corvinus University of Budapest, high schools in Pécs, tourism organisations, German, Croatian, Spanish, English, Italian, Macedonian and Dutch international partners.
We are very proud and grateful of each of our partnerships!

A particular pleasure for us is that in 2021 we were able to give the opportunity of participating in the work of an NGO to many trainees and volunteers. We also gained a lot from them.  

Thanks to our BeFogadó/InnClusive community space, launched in July 2021, we have organised a lot of programs and events, but besides these we’d like to highlight the most significant happenings of 2021:  

–  starting from January we continued the “sticker project”, which  created the nationally unique Barrier-Free Pécs database and is  continously expanded with new information
– our international ARTcoWORKers Erasmus+ project, which connects the themes of art and disability, was launched in January
– in February we registered to the fundraising interface of NIOK Foundation, so our online Adományozok/Donate button has been launched on our website
– in February we took part in the Hungarian Parasport Day with an event on Orfű
– from March we got to know the ideas of other local NGOs at the Neighborhood Academy
– during the summer we put a lot of emphasis on communication and PR, so we shot and published videos on our own Youtube channel, seeking the attention of flashmobs.
– we appeared on the official website of the town hall, on pécs.hu, as a new menu (Barrier-free
Pécs), and our barrier-free database was also published in printed form.
– also together with the town hall, we launched the #pecsopentoeveryone (#pecsmindenkineknyitva) campaign, which raised awareness of accessibility

– in August we completed our international project Peer-AcT, which aimed to further develop barrier-free tourism.
– in September we organised the gap-filling, national Barrier-Free Tourism Day festival on Orfű again
– we participated in international and national conferences, most of the times as speakers as well. Our main topic is barrier-free tourism, accessibility, and cooperation. In November we also organised a national conference on the theme of accessibility, with a particular focus on accessibility in historic buildings.
– at the end of the year, we participated in the development of the Urban Civil Concept 

Meanwhile, our membership has been constantly expanding, and we have been trying to stand on our own two feet with some of our business activities.  

Continue to stay with us, let’s meet a lot and get to know better what we do!

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