Letter of complaint to alleviate institutional closures

Some members of our association live in institutions because of their disabilities. The first wave of COVID has already put them in a very difficult situation by being completely isolated for three months, neither allowed to go out or receive visitors in any form. At the moment, in the second wave, they are forced to go through the same thing.

This degree of isolation causes serious psychological and mental problems and violates fundamental human rights in the exercise of free religion, freedom of movement and work. For short, it is not fair from the point of view of social coexistence, because we – people outside the institution – are still free to walk, work, have fun, travel, manage our affairs, shop.

We are today delivering official juice to the maintainers and managers of the institution concerned in Pécs looking for a common solution and offering our help in several forms, to which we expect a response within 15 days as a complaint.

The contents of the letter are only available in Hungarian. If you are interested in details, please contact us: pfpecs@gmail.com

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