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Hello, we’re the sticker team!
Kriszta, Péter, Evelin, Balázs, Szandra, Veronika, Henriett and Roland.

For two years we have been going through the shops, hotels, restaurants, public institutions, tourist attractions, churches, tourist trails, public toilets of Pécs to discover and collect for you in a free database about what is really accessible, in English too. Here:

In the team we have wheelchair users, visually impaired, hearing impaired, disabled people with reduced mobility, former strollers, and we share our own experiences and photos with you.
Now a section is over, but we’re not going to stop, there’s more to discover in the city! We also need to constantly update the places that have already been explored, because what was accessible yesterday may not be so today, or vice versa it has finally become one.


A professional photo camera that you no longer use would be of great help to us, because at the moment the photos are taken with cellphone. We also need money, because we have to make stickers to the entrances, indicating to you that this room is really accessible. We make posters to involve the people of Pécs in the work. And we have a small team that works a lot for a lot of people, they’re also paid.

Help us, let’s do it together, support our work even with your service!

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