We launch peer-to-peer counselling

From now on, we will launch a peer-to-peer consultation on the topic of accessible tourism and independent living in our “InnClusive” Community Space!

Our qualified, certified consultants of the Peer-AcT international project are now regularly waiting for everyone at the appointed consulting times.
They mainly help with inclusive/accessible tourism, but they are waiting for questions about independent living as well.
The aim is for peers to help peers, i.e. we welcome people with disabilities who have questions about accessible tourism.

Later we also launch consultancy and training for tourism experts and actors on accessible tourism.

The first introductory consultancy is held by Marcell Kopa and Roland Balogh Peer-AcT consultants at the InnClusive Community Space, on Tuesday, 18. January 2022. from 10:00 to 12:00.
After that, we are waiting for you on the third Tuesday of each month. One month in the morning, the other month in the afternoon will be available our consultants, so that everyone can find us.

You can read more about the availability of the InnClusive Community Square, parking, etc. here: InnClusive Community Space

More information about the Peer-AcT project, which was trained by our consultants, can be found here: Peer-AcT accessible tourism project

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