ARTcoWORKers, the art project

We report to you about the progress of our extremely exciting international ARTcoWORKers project linking the arts and people with disabilities.

At the moment the training curriculum is being prepared, we could say it’s almost done. The aim of this is to develop training to support prospective trainers in facilitating cooperation between people with disabilities and interested representatives of the various arts sectors in each country.

You will soon receive the first Newsletter in Hungarian, we hope you will like it.

On ARTcoWORKers Facebook and Website we regularly publish interesting, informative and even good examples to follow from all over the world, and news about the project. You can follow ARTcoWORKers on Facebook here: ARTcoWORKers Facebook
and this is the website: ARTcoWORKers Web

In April we will meet in person in Skopje/Macedonia, where we will perfect the training and start to develop a fantastic, common shadow play, which you will see at the final festival-conference, which will be in PÉCS! Thus, the Skopje meeting is already being organized with steam. Four of us will travel from the People First association, and we are already very excited and preparing for the program.

You can read more about the ARTcoWORKers project in the Projects menu here: ARTcoWORKers menü

Follow this great project on People First and ARTcoWORKers Facebook pages! We are also very happy with all the comments!

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