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ARTcoWORKers Erasmus+ international project

An international project in partnership with four European countries, with the main objective of connecting people with disabilities and the creative industry. The project aims to promote cooperation between arts and culture, how to claim for equal rights and self determination, to overcome the restrictions of the pandemic and to cooperate in a fair manner to create new business, employment and incomes. Details can be found in the project description: Continue reading

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Sticker Project 3. – Supported by the Residents of Pécs!

This project is the third phase of our so-called sticker project, running since 2018. The team members, who, in the meantime, have become professional, survey the barrier-free locations of Pécs and its immediate surroundings and enter them into a free database. This work is done to benefit ALL OF US: people with disabilities, young mums pushing buggies, the elderly, or those with temporary disabilities.
In the long-term, our main goal is to create an inclusive society. We would like Pécs to become a city that is equally liveable for everyone, where people pay attention to all members of society, a place where every single person is important!
From this point of view, creating an accessible environment is beneficial to everyone not only those living with disabilities.  Continue reading

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Barrier-free Tourism Day

Since 2019 our association has been involved in the organization of Barrier-free Tourism Day. In addition to organizing an all-day cheerful festival, our main goal is to provide experiences to disabled people who otherwise cannot or only with difficulties can experience them.
This event contribute to let everyone have fun the same as a disabled or an able bodied person, as a child or an adult, while exploring that disabled people are the same people like us and we are able to help each other, and helping others is wonderful. Inclusion is a main purpose, sensitizing the society to be, live and fun together disabled and able bodied people. Continue reading

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Hidden city Tour-Ture

Hidden city Tour-Ture is a barrier-free tour of the city centre of Pécs.
The Hidden City Tour shows the city through a different lens. It shows participants how people with disabilities can visit certain tourist attractions in the city and what kind of tricks they need to play at times in order to reach their destination. Participants can experience first hand what is possible and what is impossible for people with disabilities, what kind of compromises they need to make, what it means not to give up, as well as all the feelings that arise in the process.
We are trying to take advantage of the emerging trend that tourists are looking for novelty and unusual experiences. They are looking for different approaches and points of view also when exploring new cities. Continue reading

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Strengthening Civil Organisations 2019 – SCO/ECK (with cooperation of Open Society Foundations)

“If there’s no barrier, we’re coming too! :)” project. Our goal with this project is to let disabled people take part in a narrower and broader interpretation of tourism, exploration of areas which are not experienced by  disabled or just very rarely.
The sensitization and involvement of society is very important. We would like to take part in tourism with our able bodied partners not without. Continue reading

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“Sticker project” 2. – NFSZK FOF2019

“Barrier-free Pécs” project, a continuation of the sticker project. The project explores important places in the city of Pécs with an eye on their accessibility. The places surveyed include restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, sport and cultural facilities. The explorations are carried out by our members living with a disability and experienced in the field. All barrier-free places are entered into a database and published online and in media outlets, for user both in Hungary and abroad.

Our main goal is inclusion, bringing together able-bodied and disabled people, including locals as well as tourists, sensitising society, and encouraging networking between residents of the city, tourists and local businesses.
Our motto: Accessibility is not only advantageous to the disabled! Continue reading

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“Sticker project 1.” – Pécs’s Future Foundation 2018, Community Creativity Projects

“Pécs is liveable as a barrier-free city” project. Members of People First Association Pécs  have formed teams of two (consisting of a handicapped and an able-bodied person) and started  visiting restaurants, cafes, hotels, shops and public institutions in Pécs to map barrier-free places. They will talk to the owners to let put a sticker – which we designed – on the doors just like Visa or MasterCard. The sticker is 10×10 size, not ostentatious, not too colorful, not distracting but shows that the place is barrier-free so handicapped people can easily enjoy what the place has to offer just like other people. Continue reading

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Peer-Act Erasmus+ KA2 International Project

The international project shows each other’s good practices in accessible tourism. It also train peer consultants who can work and help develop accessible tourism in the future. The aim of the project is to recognise the potential of accessible tourism and to help those involved to participate. Continue reading

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